New Year, New Me!

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The Saga Continues

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It Has Been Far Too Long

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Levitation and Lightning

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More Catching Up

Hmmm, where to start? First, an apology for my posting delay. The WiFi situation where I’m staying is a little ridiculous, so I have to be careful about my data usage– which means very little blogging time.

Now then. Without further ado, here I am to catch you up on the past three days of my 365 project. I hope that you enjoy!

Day 10
June 15th, 2014


This afternoon, I spent some time exploring the abandoned barn that I mentioned in an earlier blog. To give a bit of background, this barn is a short walk down the hill from the cabin, and was built in the early 1900s. It has long since been abandoned, and is now one of my favorite photo locations when I’m here.

My photo of the day was a bit of a surprise. I went into the barn with a grand plan involving flour, levitation (jumping), and window light. While I did snag that shot (I’ll include it below), I ended up enjoying the above photo more. It was a nice change from constantly photographing myself for my project (as the only willing photo model in the area) and the lighting was just too perfect to pass up. A few moments after I took this photo, my younger brother managed to spot a few deer through those slats in the barn, adding to the magic of the moment.



This photo records the exact moment when my brother became a little overzealous with my makeshift atmospheric effects (flour) and dumped a large amount on my head.

6-2014 (1184)

6-2014 (1174)

Sunny Days Ahead

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